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Lecture 10

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1700
Zbigniew Stachniak

Lecture 10 - Computer at Home and the Personal Computing Paradigm - Volume manufacturing of microcomputers for commercial markets began in 1973. - Microcomputers were primarily employed as embedded control systems, as well as business, research and educational purposes. o Around the late 70’s, hundreds of thousands of units were being processed. - Due to microcomputer hardware and software, demand for microcomputers increased. o In 1977, Commodore introduced the PET 2001 computer for business, while Apple unveiled its Apple II - But the main reason for the marked increase in microcomputer sales was the invention of a new consumer electronics gadget – the home computer. - Since 1977, a number of computer, semiconductor, and consumer electronics companies had begun to manufacture fundamental but complete microcomputers for home and sold them at a high quantity. - Apple Computer, Atari Inc., Commodore, Tandy Corp., and Texas Instruments were among the first companies to offer home computers. - As opposed to hobby computers, the home computer hardware was not sup- posed to be meddled with; - For software, all major home computer manufacturers provided a variety of application programs and at least one programming language, mostly BASIC. - The BASIC programming language was easy to learn, easy to use, and could run on machines equipped with small amounts of memory. - To make home computers affordable, most of them were designed to work with a TV set as a display and sound system. - Home computer software was offered on a variety of external storage media. - For the external storage of user-developed software and data
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