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Lecture 12

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Natural Science
NATS 1700
Zbigniew Stachniak

Lecture 12 Notes Computing in Canada Part 1: In The Beginning - Two of the worlds biggest computer museums -- Computer History Museum in Santa Clara, CA) and Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum, Paderborn, Germany. - Since the late 19th century some American calculator companies had been distributing their products in Canada - Unlike USA and Britain, Canadians were not involved in computer research during WWII - Canadian military and academia were involved in bringing computer technology to Canada after WWII - In 1946, the first Canadian attempt at designing a general-purpose computer took place at the University of Toronto (UofT). o In 1948, UofT established its Computation Center–the first such center in Canada. o By 1951, UofT and the two funding agencies came to the conclusion that it would be more economical to stop the UTEC project and use the funds to purchase a ”commercial” computer from a British firm Ferranti which started to manufacture the Ferranti Mark I. o In the end, a Ferranti Mark I came to UofT by the National Research Council and Defense of Canada (Arrived in April 1952 and was named FERUT) o It was the first fully functional computer in Canada.\ - FERUT was used in a number of ways: research, external computing services, and training of computer professionals. - Importance of the FERUT at UofT: o UTEC pioneered the era of computing in Canada; it got a number of agencies, organizations, and corporations interested in computing o FERUT had started the computing ”fever” in Canada, many FERUT users purchased their own computers in late 1950s; o FERUT provided a training ground for the first generation of Canadian programmers o FERUT supported Canada’s first computer consulting and se
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