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NATS Lecture 1 notes 9182011 10000 PM j No invention occurs with a context create in part by a chain of earlier discoveries inventions or contributions Sometimes centuries in the markingComputing is an official example of the continuous interaction between inventingforces of cultural social economic technological and political changeInventing isventure where others havent Stretching beyond conventional frontiers of time space and thoughtcreates new possibilities new standards social economic progress Enrichment of knowledge expression of freedom power and to dominate May bring socialeconomic injustice destruction and suffering jj To invent new methods to count calculate compute store transmit process and access informationjj Prehistorically in areas of early tradecommerce s were required for representing quantities and counting to perform operations such as addition to calculate sales of goods or paid taxes Operations for bigger s required counting aidsj So many languages created complexity for naming s as well A native speaker only knew 1 or many no other sMechanical arithmetic calculators th century to advance calculations in j Mechanical calculator industry was created in the 19business thj The first calculator was form the 16 century It was used for scientific research and accounting but they were still very rare calculators for the rest of us thth The industrial revolution in the 1819 centuries brought changes in manufacturing agriculture mining transportation and navigation A chain of innovations and discoveriesMore and more business started to rely on calculators to faster process large quantities of data
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