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Lecture 2

NATS 1745 Lecture 2: Astronomy Lecture 2 - Stonehenge (1)

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Natural Science
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NATS 1745
Robin Kingsburgh

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Sarah Ghrawi History of Astronomy Lecture 2 Stonehenge ____________________________________________________ Ancient Astronomy European Paleolithic + Neolithic Oldest likely records of sky observation Paleolithic Era: c. 43,00010,000 BCE Huntergatherer groups No writing Myths were skybased Lascaux Caves Had cave painting in Dordogne, France c. 15000 BCE mostly animal images, human figures, and abstract shapes some images may have astronomical significance clusters of dots which may be star clusters sequence of dots may represent phases of moon at different parts of the year o 13 dots mean animal representing spring o 26 dots mean animal representing fall (26 days of lunar cycle) The earliest artifact was found in these caves, the Blanchard Bone o It was found in one of these caves in 1865, 12,000 to 20,000 years old o In 1970 Alexander Marshack published interpretation of markings on bone as representing phases of the moon Presa de la Mula (in Northern Mexico) Big rock with images and notches The notcheslines count days in 7 lunar cycles = 207 days o Notches represent phases of the moon
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