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NATS Article Project #4

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Natural Science
NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

Article TitleAsteroid impact mission targets DidymosstSource ESA Astronomy Magazine February 26 2013URL httpwwwastronomycomNewsObservingNews201302Asteroid20impact20mission20targets20DidymosaspxRecent events of encounters and near encounters of meteors celestial debris and other celestial bodies colliding with our planet really signify the importance of our need to better understand super speedy space rocks ESA The European Space Agency has been working on a mission concept with international partners since early 2011 This mission is called AIDA The AsteroidDeflection Assessment and it is still under development It targets binaries A binary asteroid is a system composed of two almost equalsize asteroids orbiting around their center of mass or one moonlet revolving around a larger primary body McGrawHill So a binary asteroid is actually two separate chunks of matter It was a project which came to be by combining two other separate studies DART which impacts smaller asteroids
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