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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Edward Jones- Imhotep

The Engineering Sciencescollection of sciences whose aim is to transform the world according to what the future ought to beengineering is an applied science engineering science has certain ideals about how to approach the world and how to change it people believe that technology is neutral neither good nor badwe want to challenge technological determinismTechnological Determinism1Technology develops according to its own logic2technology affects society unilaterally technology affects society but society does not affect technology want to change this ideatechnology has life of own but as objects they are neutral The Enlightenment stresses the importance of reason or rationalityhas embedded the idea that careers should be open to the talents should get a job because of your abilities meritocracyidea of history as progress as history develops things improve key idea first engineers ever were military engineers people who invent and construct instruments for attackfrench revolution begins to be enormous military project as well as create a new societyFrance is intense debate about how you should design cannons shapes the role of the engineer in society engineers were at the topcannons are the most important instrument of warfare at the time effectiveness depends on range manoeuvrability accuracy rate of fireall of these characteristics include trade offs end up getting a systems that produces a number of different cannons for different uses before 1700s7 years war war between Germany and France key figure emerges Jean Baptiste de GribeauvalJean Baptiste de Gribeauvalhero of 7 year war educated at top engineer schoolstarts to argue that the existing system in France paralyzes the armyold way needs to be rejected to create perfect futurework should depend on the talents wants to set up a new system that emphasizes mobility
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