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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Edward Jones- Imhotep

Introduction to the Scientific Revolution- jan24 – series of changes between sixteenth to eighteenth century – meant to signify a radical change in the way that people see the world, the way they investigate the world, and the uses those investigations put forth – conceptual transformation – before scientific revolution the world is understood in a certain way, afterwards the place of human and the way they gain knowledge changes – the: one; whole – scientific: science is an organized body of knowledge, which doesn't emerge until later.... is is scientific revolution or philosophical revolution? – Revolution: radical change over short period of time; however scientific revolution took place over 200 years , gradual Questioning the Scientific Revolution The New Science • What was known? – past is source of error, Ancients made mistakes, didn't understand the world properly, limited by instruments and theories – not human centred – they put forth false notions of what the world was like • How was it known? – rise of experimentation – introduction of telescope, microscope – privilege way of generating knowledge surrounding the world • What was the knowledge for? World before the Scientific Revolution – human beings are at the centre of the universe; humans are the best way to understand the world – earth is nested at center of planets – human beings are physically at center of universe ; if at center of creation they are the focus of that creation – Aristotle four things that make up the world; fire, air, water, earth – Anthropomorphism: attribute human qualities to things that are not human – explains phenomenon of the world by giving nature human qualities Scientific Revolution – best way to explain the world is not through human qualities – best way to explain the world is by describe inanimate/ dead matter – model of understanding nature are machines; nature itself is a machine – things we
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