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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Edward Jones- Imhotep

1/3 before midterm, 2/3 after short answer, multiple choice 25, 2 essay Heredity – hope that if you undersrtand heredity you can influence it – can shape organisms to make them what you want – bomb was a cobination of how to control shape nature – genetics shape nature Genetics and Genetic Engineering The Connections • Links between history of the A-bomb and genetics research – number of physicists who work on A bomb go on to study genetics – a lot are shocked in the role they play in the destruction they contributed • Migration of physicists into biology following WWII – want to study life: biology Scrodinger – famous for schrodinger’s cat – founder of wave mechanics – in middle of WW11 writes an influential book called “ what is life” – issue of how traits get passed on, but explains it in terms of information – information needs to get passed on from generation to generation through coding – geneticcs include coding – key problem of genetics: huge amount of information that has to be passed on – how can gene pass on this much info? – Through codes – can encode massive number of information with small number of characters – think of genes as info and codes that can transmit this info (quantum mechanics- collaboration between groups) – DNA is about competition The Characters • James Watson and Francis Crick – discover structure and discovery of DNA James Watson – starts university at 15, applies to number of grad schools, but they turn him down – University of Indiana- PhD – spends time in Cavendish laboratory – use laboratory to discover minute elements in genetics – meets Crick Francis Crick – bachelors degree in physics – world war works on radar and magnetic minds - magnetic minds are magnetically charged – helps Britain and allies win the war – knows he played a role in killing people – changes focus of research to focus on genetics – comes to Cavendish as part of group interested in the structure of proteins – the interest of this group is the structure proteins have Watson and Crick work together – work on proteins and genetics – • Rosalind Franklin – middle class English family – undergrad degree and PhD in chemistry at Cambridge – interested in molecules, atoms, and bonds – Xray diffraction – hired as researcher at Cavendish to study structure of DNA – dies early of ovarian cancer – working at same lab as Crick and Watson, but not working together with them Linus Pauling – father is a pharmicist – studies chemical engineering – recognized as brilliant student – taken to study quantum physics with schrodinger and – deep dedication to world peace – uses science as a way to advocate peace – nobel prize in chemistry and nobel peace prize – towards end of his life bcomes obsessed with Vitamin C – themes emerge between these four people – want to find out how genes are transmitted Themes in the history of the Double Helix • Priority in Science – who discovers something first
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