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NATS 1760(DURANT)- Science, Technology & Citizenship 3: Risk & Sceptisicm.docx

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York University
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NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

SC NATS 1760 DARRIN DURANT/ JAMES ELWICK Monday, October 1, 2012 Science, Technology & Citizenship 3: Risk, Scepticism, & Politics  We understand risk in two ways: 1) in an individualistic way  as a trade off that we make real/potential hazards or benefits- risk happens to you (WRONG) 2) Social collective dimensions of risk RISK AS OUR FAUSTIAN BARGAIN? FAUSTIAN BARGAIN: a person offers his/her soul in exchange for diabolical favours  An enjoyable activity that comes with a potential/ actual hazard that you see has its benefits  „play at your own risk‟  rIsk- “I” used as an individualistic hazard to yourself to an activity you engage in  you cannot avoid risk – its essential to our own lives ;you manage to minimize your risk in getting hurt ( wearing a helmet, wearing a seatbelt etc. ) MARY DOUGLAS: GRID/ GROUP THEORY GROUP LOW HIGH GRID HIGH (a) Fatalist (b) Hierarchalists LOW (c) Individualist (d) Egalitarian  Risk is perceived by different people in our society in different ways  how you understand it? By the social location of that individual  Collins & Evans see themselves as living in a high group, high grid kind of world  Hierarchalists  High or low(group) solidarity in society? An individualists thinks about risk by saying that there is no solidarity vs. egalitarians who believe there is solidarity in society  you should get people to help you to avoid risk and reach solidarity  individualist: you can‟t rely on people to obey the rules  egalitarian: you should except that people have respect for one another  Low or high( grid) shaped by your position in society- an individual talks about their choices as being constrained or not constrained by society  heirarchalist: society does not constrain choices  fatalist: society constrains choices- choices are made for me BECK  We are entering a world risk society where „dangers are being produced by industry, externalized by economics, individualized by the legal system, legitimized by natural sciences, and made to appear harmless by politics.‟  can we get out of those situations?  our industrialized world produces goods/bads  unintended social doings of goods and bads – live with the situation you are given  „the world has b
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