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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

NATS 1760DARRIN DURANT JAMES ELWICKMonday November 5 2012Climate Change 2 The Failure of the Kyoto Approach THE FAILURE OF THE KYOTO PROTOCOL 19882009 WHY A question to ponder spurred by Prinsrayners discussion about incompetence at Singapore warnings of potential financial crashes in 1929Scientists and many rational people often assume that if they just present the facts about an impending problem then peoplepolicymakers will take actionUnfortunately Climate Change etc shows this isnt the case Why notHow can facts be presented to spur rational political action Then again why should it be the scientists responsibility to do thisRelated to a larger social activism issue does just raising awareness of a problem solve itA few terminological pointsEmissions trading carbon taxationDont want to talk about tax alternatives when resources become expensive Capandtrade program restricting amount of material being able to be produced monetized trade company with cap able to buy material to continue producing resource Kyoto Treat 1997 Copenhagen ConferenceReduction of greenhouse gases focus was on mitigation adaption geoengineeringSALTSTART nuclear weapons treatiesOptions to deal with Climate Change Adaptation vs Mitigation Increasingly amelioration geoengineeringA few thematic issues whats Climate Change supposed to do anyways Why is it supposed to be a problemIt depends on how you see relationship of nature and civilization human resilience cultural resilience Ultimately a values issue o This is why climatetalk gets some peoples backs up mixing of technical detail with values assumptionsSimple vs wicked problemsFacts and values descriptive and normativeScientific consensusCeteris Paribus thinkingAt root of Club of Rome current projections how could it be otherwise
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