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Lecture 1 Notes - Kleinman and Lay Peoples

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

The virtues of lay knowledge False positive (TI) & False negative (TII) Type I Error - False Positive - you reject a hypothesis Lay people can - hlep find bad science - identify bad generalizations - identify unacceptable standards AIDS activists - 'dirty' vs 'clean' clinical trials - when placebos are to be used Endometriosis - the gender bias issue (career as the cause? or immunology and dioxins? Implications? - the inclusion of considerations beyond the narrowly technical (p.11) - collaboration is what counts (p.11) Kleinman's Conclusion interprets his cases to mean... (see p.13) - publics can learn about their crucial aspects (when faced with issues) - Publics are very capable of acquiring scientific knowledge - publics knowledge is not the contect-free type of scientific literacy surveys, but a context-sensitive type (facts in relation to socio-institutional contexts) Obstacles & overcoming them... Barriers to you getting smarter and/or more involved? (p.13-17) - Socio-economic inequality; that experts are infallible; resources; our own social biases (such as
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