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York University
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NATS 1760
Ian Slater

NATS 1840 – Lecture 1 – Anthropomorphic Extinctions in the Late Quarternary Human Impact on the Environment - Green space, pollution, extinction of species - Causes of extinction, removal of habitat, predators - Evidence for extinction, evidence for causes Martin’s Thesis – Anthropogenic Sources of Extinction - Many large mammals became extinct in the last 50 000 years ( “near time”, Quarternary period) - Approximately half of 200 genera of large mammals (100 lb +) lost - Almost all extinctions of wild animals in last 50,000 anthropogenic - Extinction not only recent, not solely due to advanced science or technology  can happen naturally, human civilization with extremely limited or extremely advanced technology - Human migration to new continents, islands, large and small mammals and birds - “Overkill” thesis, excessive predation, introduction of predators, competitors and disease vectors  eg. Too many rabbits, bring in fox to eat rabbits, too many rabbits eaten and cannot reproduce become extinct  human hunting puts predation over the edge, major cause The Advancement of Science - New theories & new technologies allow us to find new evidence - Radio-carbon dating, precise estimation of extinction dates  go through layers where low layer and find fossil never found above, safe to say species is extinct – further down you go, older things are  time difference between levels can be millions of years  RCD allows you to find extinction within 1
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