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Lecture 9

Lecture 9: Nats 1760.docx

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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

652013 60300 AM Montgomery What blinds us all Page 50 energy independence is impossible inadvisable and a mythThere are often many claims to energy independence political claims made by governments We should be really suspicious of these claimsglobalinter dependent issues Oil shock and social choices price controlsLines at the pump USA 7378No lines at the pump 2008 CanadaUSno price controlprices roseLines at the pump 2008 Iran subsidized 2008 Iraq sabotage Technical aspect like a canyon bc bitchenmen is so dense Political aspect sell product to states resource who turn it into a profitable resource and sell it back to Canadaignore global interdependency problems Canada is not developing the actual refining technology Thermodynamics st1 law energy is always conserved it is neither created nor destroyed nd2 law entropy always increases rd3 lawCP snows translation of the 3 laws Page 53 1 You can get something for nothingevery single process in the universe involves work2 You cant break even either 3 You can get outa of the game The laws of thermodynamics are telling us the limits of energy options however we dont often ask the experts of the limits we ask about potential or choices of a technology this is a political not technical question a technical question is concerned with the limits Are we energy illiterates p 52 End of the fossil fuel era No just a shift in activityMovement of money from oilconsuming countries to oilexporting nations Saudi Arabia RussiaBRIC growthMany debates on peak oil and whenif we have hit it alreadyFor Montgomery we are witnessing a fundamental shift in the kinds of economic activates bc of the sheer dependence of western nations being dependent on other countries resources the oil exporting countries BRIC are growing much more rapidly than EuropeAmericaJuhasz Big OILs Last Stand We are approaching peak oil 756 see Montgomery p52
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