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Natural Science
NATS 1760
John Dwyer

Vaccinations: Find two primary sources dealing with a controversy about your chosen topic. Look especially for sources that deal with both risk and expertise & democracy.As with Essay 1, a primary source is something taking a side in a controversy. Unlike Essay 1, your two sources MUST oppose each other. The more specific the controversy, the better. Your sources must have an argument, contain references and have appeared either in a peer-reviewed journal or book (preferable), or the webpages of organized advocacy groups. Do NOT use newspaper (online or print), Wikipedia, encyclopedia sources, or blogs. RISK • Science becomes caught between the expectation that it can answer questions of  risk likelihood and condemnation for political bias in any claims it actually  makes.  • Science cannot move beyond a certain level of uncertainty. • The concept of “risk” has become one of the central organizing principles in  social theory today.  • Most practices have all come to be discussed within the broad theme of risk.  • Science appears divided as a source of both security and insecurity, knowledge  and doubt, solutions and more problems. • Risk of “risk consciousness’, the perception that ‘we’ are increasingly at risk from  the consequences of human intervention in nature. • Are we becoming more aware of risk that we are causing or are we just becoming  more insecure? • One if that we are becoming more aware of the problem rather then the problem  being the same and us being more insecure.  • ::Two separate sociological­anthropological ‘debate’ about risk consciousness Mary Douglas (Latter  Ulrich Beck Similarities View) • Heightened risk the  • Heightened sense of  • The gulf between  result of greater  insecurity in ‘risk  the two theoretical  social insecurity. society’ the result of  approaches remains  • All forms of  a great  great and  authority, including  consciousness of  significant in what  science, that leaves  self­generated  it highlights about  human beings  ecological risk and  knowledge, trust  feeling insecure and  greater social  and science in  vulnerable in the  insecurity.  contemporary  society.  first place.  • Society and science  • The need for re­ as part of society,  • Whether science  establishing trust in  must both be mo
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