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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Internet Technology - technological system of both computers and communications component (telephone line, fibre optics and cable line) - ability to communicate and talk to one another - packet switched technology, message being a digital packet - take a message and break it up in little bits, all have a common address system - this is what packet system is about - decentralized way of sending messages Packet switching technology - Developed by two people in two different parts of the world - Donald davies in Britain - The height of the cold war era - US department of defence became interested in a new type of system - ARPA asked by the department of defence to come up with new communication system - US feared an immiment US attack - Telephone and telegraph considered centralized systems - The entire system can’t function anymore - Researchers across the system could share info more explicitly - ARPA hires Paul Baron to make a new kind of system - Message doesn’t have to travel from point a – point b - If one part of system recogonized it doesn’t have to recogonize everything - Create decentralized unique system of communicating - PST resembles sending a letter by mail (any part of the world to any location postal code is the unique header or address), very much similar to postal system - Survivable – one that would help eliminate the problem of direct route, baron doesn’t have to worry about cost - The goals of Donald davey v paul baron - Has to focus on an issue like cost - Simplicity or ease of usage was important - Consumer appeal or market avaibility - Immense pressure to get on the market place as quickly as he should, his version of pst was not as good as baron - Baron’s had the luxury of time and space - Getting kinks out of his system - Social economic factors played a role in this, Creation of the ARPANET - Redundancy when you said little duplicate packets, you will still be able to get your message across - The precursor to the internet (arpa) - First network that used PST - Had a distributed network - Had a communication aspect - Lawrence Roberts had a new network that could incorporate packet switching technology - 1. Host comps 2. Mini comps 3. Telephone line
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