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Lecture 8

Lecture Eight: Technology in the Renaissance and Early Modern Period

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Vera Pavri

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Lecture Eight: Technology in the Renaissance and Early Modern Period October 6, 2011 Science and Technology in the Renaissance Renaissance means “rebirth” in French - represents a revival of classical texts, as well as a renewed interest in travel, adventure and navigation. Changing Attitudes Natural Philosophy - was considered to be the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge sake. It was believed to be knowledge about the world that was not necessarily used in a technical way. There was now a shift away from just learning for the sake of learning. Now, people wanted knowledge in order to use it for some kind of purpose. Some reasons for studying natural philosophy - Wealth - Status - Fame - For oneself or their country Technical Arts - by this time period, those who studied this type of knowledge began to gain popularity. Engineers and engineering pursuits became popular (court sponsorship) Court sponsorship - The court would pay for projects that were being done for the royal elite such as: military technology, architecture, artwork, writing ect - The engineer now held more status in society Another reason why there was a change in attitudes was that there were new techniques being developed in the arts. This increased the quality of the arts and therefore a new enthusiasm in them. Linear perspective - it was now possible to paint in three dimensions, which never had been done before. This created an interest in painting and artwork. Before this, people were drawn and painted according to their status in society. - The higher the status you had, the larger you were drawn or painted - This was the kind of paintings popular at that time Linear perspective makes everyone drawn to scale, so everyone was the same height compared to the person beside them. The Closer Relationship between Science and Technology Increased Use of Instruments in Scientific Practices Aristotle was the main philosopher before this, especially when he was inked to the Church. He did not support experiments, b
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