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Winter Semester Lecture 1: Science, Technology and WWI

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Technology and CivilizationWinter SemesterLecture One Science Technology and WWIJanuary 10 2012General Considerations and Brief HistoryAttitudes Regarding Science and TechnologyToday countries approach science and technology as a way to win warsMillions of dollars are spent on new military technologiesIn the past there were mixed responses to science and technologyThe War to End all WarsWWI was also referred to as the Great War because of the amount of lives that were lost totaling 10 millionHistorians believe that most of these lives were lost unnecessaryDue to inefficient and poor strategiesMost countries wanted to fight war in a very romanticized way which did not mesh with the available technology at the timeWWI was a 20th century war fought with 19th century tacticsMachine guns countries such as Britain and France were not very enthusiastic about the use of this gun because it was believed to be unethical and unfair in its useNaval PowerPositive Attitude Towards TechnologyThe Navy was one of the exceptions to the poor response to technology at this timeThe navy was often the area of the military that was given the most support and funding during WWIThere was often a disconnect between the navy and the militaryA strong Navy was seen as a symbol of a strong countryEspecially true for England which is surrounded by waterCountries all fought to build a strong navy so that they could have their place in the sunDreadnought
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