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Lecture 4

Lecture Four: Science, Technology and Ideology in the United States Part II

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Lecture Four Science Technology and Ideology in the United States ContJanuary 25 2012Introduction to the Oppenheimer CaseThe Father of the Atomic BombOppenheimer was a famous and well known American physicistHe studied at Harvard in Britain and in GermanyOne of the few people who could actually understand the work done with quantum physicsIn his early life he was not unsympathetic to the ideas of communismHe had many friends in the socialist and communist circlesDuring the Great Depression many people switched their political ideas because they were seeking changeWhen WWII started Oppenheimer would be the leader of the Manhattan ProjectOppenheimer was one of the few people who completely supported the dropping of the bombs on Japan from the beginningLater on he expressed some remorseWhen the war was over he was greatly rewarded for these effortsHe gained political and social status after the war was overHe became the chairman of the General Advisory Committee of Atomic Energy Commission This was a committee set up to help to find civilian uses for atomic energyOppenheimer was also made the Director of Advanced Studies at PrincetonOppenheimers Opposition to the Hydrogen BombAfter WWII ended there was a desire to have an even more powerful weapon at their disposalThere was a push for a stronger bomb the hydrogen bombThis was also pushed for by the government because of the Cold WarThere was rumor that the Soviets had created their own nuclear weaponHydrogen BombsMuch lighter than the other atomic bombsThese were based on the ideas of nuclear fusion as opposed to nuclear fissionNuclear fusion added molecules together to create more powerNuclear fission splitting the molecules to unleash their power
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