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Lecture 5

Lecture Five: Intro to Telecommunications

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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture Five Introduction to TelecommunicationsJanuary 26 2012Themes to Focus OnManagement and ControlUsers Shaping TechnologyBroadcast vs TelecomTelecommunicationsThis type includes telegraphs and telephonesTraditionally telecommunication devices are considered to be pointtopoint communicationsThis means that there is a specific sender and a specific receiverTravels from Point A to Point BThe focus of regulation is based on issues associated with accessEnsuring the message gets from A to BIt is not the message itself which is important but whether or not it gets thereBroadcastThis type includes radios and televisionTraditionally broadcasting devices are considered to be point to multipoint This means that there is one sender but many receiversThe focus of regulation is based on issues with contentThis is related to censorship language sex violence ectRegulation AgenciesEven though they are very different there is only one Canadian agency that regulates both broadcasting and telecomThis is called the CRTC This stands for Canadian RadioTelevision Telecommunications CommissionIn the United States this regulatory body is called the FCCThis stands for Federal Communications Commission
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