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Lecture Six: Radio Communication

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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture Six Radio CommunicationJanuary 31 2012Technical HistoryRadio systems are comprised of many different parts and many different inventors are attributed with the invention of the radioHeinrich Hertz was one of the first people to use electrical waves to transmit information He was a scientist who used a device called an oscillator in order to do thisAt the beginning of its history the radio was very rudimentary There was no voice usage at the time this came laterIt was also referred to as wireless telegraphy and was used the same was as wired telegraphySamuel Morsedeveloped the Morse code which was used to transmit information telegraphically both wired and wirelessEach letter of the alphabet was assigned a special electrical signal which was comprised of dots and dashesBy receiving these messages one could decode what the message saidMarconi was the first person to create a company to provide this type of serviceAlthough it was initially in England the US Navy became one of its biggest customersThis was because the navy could not have any wires wireless helped with ship to shore communicationsKey InventionsIn the early 1900s three major events occurred which contributed to the acceptance and use of radio technologyJohn Ambrose FlemingInvents the diodeThis is a two element technology which is a good detector of received radio wavesIn 1904 this invention was sold to MarconiRFessedentCreated a system of continuous waves that could transmit audible signalsThis used alternating currents
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