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Lecture 7

Lecture Seven: The Development of Television

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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture Seven The Development of TelevisionFebruary 2 2012Early SystemsThe success of the television is attributed to the 1950s although there were experiments being doneJohn Bairdhis system was based on a mechanical output and not an electronic based systemThere is some debates over the inventor of the television because there are many systems involved and there was such a distinction between the process of invention and the process of becoming commercially successfulBecause of this only two people are really attributed with the development of the television Zworykin a worker for RCA and a 14 year old farm boy named Farnsworth Patent WarsZworykin was the first person to attempt to patent the rights for the system for television in 1923This was initially rejected because this system did not workHe went to visit Farnsworth in San FranciscoFarnsworth shared all of his knowledge with Zworykin not knowing that he worked for RCAHe immediately went and successfully patented the new systemThis created many problems with patent rights because it was Farnsworth who developed the systemThe US ruled in favor of FarnsworthThis could have been done due to the Cold War overtones at the timeUnfortunately by the time TV became commercially successful Farnsworths patents had already expiredThe war set back the development of the TVStandardization and its Role in Establishing New Technologies
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