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Lecture 10

lecture 10: Internet Control

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture Ten Internet ControlFebruary 16 2012Why Does Nobody Know Who Controls the InternetTechnological Deterministic ViewThe Internet is a widespread resourceA global technologyA system that crosses many global boundariesGives the idea that the Internet is beyond the lawPeople can obtain information whenever and however they likeThere is the ability to upload and download content without any limitPeople feel that they can view anything that they want onlinePeople believe that the Internet is too large to be controlled and that it controls people as opposed to people controlling the InternetThere is no tangible space which the Internet occupies and so people dont think of it as a controllable technologyLaws and LawlessnessThere is a feeling of anonymity with Internet usagePeople can be whoever they want on the InternetPeople lie frequently about who they are on the InternetAlthough it may take some time for the law to catch up even people who think that they are acting anonymously on the Internet the law still appliesVarious laws apply in cyberspace as they do in real life such as those that violateAntihate lawsCopyright lawsPedophilia and child pornographyLaws against stalkingIdentity theftSlander or libel lawsPrivacy laws
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