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Lecture 11

nats lecture 11: controversial science

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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture Eleven Controversial Science Part OneMarch 1 2012The Race for the Structure of DNAIt was a race from scientists all around the world to unlock the secrets of DNAWhoever reached the finish line first would be handsomely rewarded for their effortsTheir reputations would be set for lifeThey would be heavily recognized in the scientific communityThey would be remembered in history Gender and ScienceThis was predominantly a male environmentWomen had a very hard time breaking into the industry let alone become a part of the raceThere was even less opportunity for females to showcase their efforts in this raceTwo Major TeamsRosalind Franklin and Maurice WilkinsThese two were at the University of LondonFrom the beginning these two had a very problematic relationshipRosalind assumed that they would be working togetherWilkins assumed that because she was a woman she would be his assistantFranklin was outgoing and direct to the pointWilkins was very laid back and did not talk very muchFranklins method Rosalind used a technique called xray crystallographyThis was a method in which xray images were taken of DNA and the structure was determined through examining the images and creating the structure
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