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Lecture 12

nats lecture 12: eugenics

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture Twelve EugenicsMarch 6 2012Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Genetic ResearchThe Popularity of EugenicsSocial Darwinismthis was a theory that survival of the fittest can also be applied to the social world Humans are also competing over scarce resources Those who are able to succeed and progress are most likely able to do so by some genetic advantageEugenicsa science that allowed humans to control and command their own evolutionary progress as a speciesIt was believed that through control of reproductive decisions certain social goals could be achievedPositive eugenics was about getting superior humans those considered to be genetically advantageous in society to have as many children as possible so that they could progress the human raceNegative eugenics was about finding out people who were considered to be genetically unfit and forcing them to not have children sterilizationThis movement started to gain popularity in the 20th centuryCold Spring Harbor was the leader of this movementCharles Davenport was in charge of this movementIt was believed that all traits could be linked through inheritance or genetic lineageMany people within this movement believed that intelligence was passed on solely through geneticsGroups in Society Targeted by These BeliefsThere was the belief amongst many not just supporters of eugenics that the United States was being diluted by undesirables through immigrationThey thought that this was leading to the downfall of the species
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