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Lecture 6

NATS1775 - Lecture 6

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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

The Civilizing Mission  North America, Asia, South America.  The idea of civilizing societies that they thought at the time were savaged. Many Europeans were convinced at the time that Europe as a continent was superior than others.  Often considered as children; there for raising status in the world.  During this period of time, it was based on the idea that Europe had achieved a high level of success and technological. Had the ability to use their technology to subdue.  Other cultures around the world were often looked down upon. Countries that did not embrace science were often considered to be backward. Their entire belief system was often dismissed. Their way of nature, doing work, and understanding the world around that were signs were less progressive and less modern. Considered to be savaged cultures. ** Read the article by Adas Science and the Christian Missionary Movement  With colonization, one of the groups were in fact Christian Missionaries. Their goal was to convert non-Christian people to what they believe at the time was Christianity. It plays a huge role in colonization.  Was not to convert, it was also their duty to Westernize these individuals as much as they could. Not only was to transform their religious beliefs, but teach these individuals how to eat, dress, and act  “Handmaidens” – the servants of religion.  India was one of the biggest colonies that Britain had at that time. Pre- dominantly a Hindu nation. The introduction of railroads into India. There was a common belief that the intro to railroads was the disintegration of culture.  That they could awe people with their high level of technologies.  John Cumming’s quote: This ability to predict this eclipse would be enough to undermine other religions. Basically the idea that if you could predict something like an eclipse, the Hindu would be in such awe that it would prove to them the superiority of technology to them. Non-Western Attitudes towards Time, Work and, Nature  Even something like the rails were also another way of keeping precised time.  They tended to view Non-Western people as lazy because they didn’t ru
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