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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture 8: Fredrick Taylor and Scientific Management Frederick Taylor and Scientific Management  Wrote a book which he believed included new theories and suggestions – Principles of Scientific Management – 1911  He believed that just like scientific laws governed the natural world around us, he was convinced his theories were scientific.  It contained new theories and ideas. He blamed management for lacking the technical knowledge they needed.  The foremen were individuals who needed supervision during at the time and the position was greatly abused their position by taking bribes from their workers to prevent them from getting fired. Notorious for hiring their family and friends.  Blamed that the workers weren’t working as hard as they could and claimed this had lead to a common problem called soldiering.  Manufacturing and production levels were not high as they should be and the blame could be laid Aspects of Scientific Management  Substituting science for individual judgment  Scientifically selecting workers  Greater cooperation between management and workers  Work should be governed by scientific laws  Scientific way of doing work was based on the idea of what we call ‘Time and Motion Studies’  Pay workers through a Peace Rate system. Reward and punishment review. Workers who produced less = paid less. Produce more = paid more. Why was Scientific Management Introduced in Early 20 Century?  According to Braverman, Taylor introduces his work during this time exclusively to control the labor force.  Key component missing from Braverman’s perspective: techno-science based industries.  Took a lot of money to get the industries off the ground, so much science and technology was required for the production of goods. Need to make a profit, they can’t make these profits to survive because of inefficiency. Diagram: Braverman (orthodox) – Scientific Management > control of labour Revisionist – Scientific Management > rise of techno science industries > need the greater efficiency (profits) > control of labor > control machines  Taylor focuses on inventory and budgeting controls – more efficient.  Scientific management was introduced in early 20 century because of the rise of techno science industries.  Controlling machines and people Debate #2: Impact of Taylorism  Orthodox POV: Braverman claims scientific management was a theory, which cheapened and exploited labor in a way we have never s
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