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Notes for 1st Reading Ahrens txt pages 3-7, 329-332,

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Natural Science
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Ian Lumb

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Lecture 2 ReadingReading Pgs 37Overview of the Earths Atmosphere o Composition of the AtmosphereNitrogenOccupies about 78 of total volume of dry airOxygenOccupies about 21 of total volume of dry airIf all other gases were removed these percentages would hold constant until an elevation of approximately 80kmAt the surface there is a balance of output and inputDestruction and production of these two gases o Nitrogen removed from atmosphere by biological processes involving soil bacteriaTaken out by oceandwelling plankton o Returned from decaying plant and animal matter o Oxygen is removed from the atmosphere when organic matter decays and when it combines with other substancesProducing oxides o Oxygen is also
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