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Carol Bigwood

Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday November 21, 2012 Lecture: Animals in Stories Homework: Test: One point, 5 point, and 10 point questions. Two Hours. Tip-sheet 200 words in proper format: Microsoft Word: Insert Table: 10x20 Homework for January Class: 1) Read course kit (short) 2) pulp fiction movie; (library; Netflix or...) Stories  Often involve conflict  Ability to suspend disbelief The Metamorphosis by Kafka: Strange Story!  “metamorphosis”: to change from one thing to another  to “shape-shift” is more popular today (control change)  Gregory’s Character The Metaphor of the beetle: how is it used in this story?  Think about:  Work life  Home life  Insect body: hard exterior, squishy insides  Insect movements  He is not the hero but the protagonist (main character) Children Stories  Not just fun!: Often crisis: mother dies; abandonment, stolen, evil characters  Teaching, preparing kids Folk Tales are source of many modern children stories  Teach life cycle rituals  Many are animal stories  Children identify with animals  Talking animals: animals with our human emotions, character and instincts projected onto them Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf  Old story  Acts as a metaphor for sexual awakening  Teaches girls awareness of sexuality and possible dangers The big “bad” wolf: why?  Actually: they are socially cooperative; playful; monogamous; loyal  Useful predator to keep rodents and deer in check  “Bad” from Sheppard’s perspective?  “Bad” wild dog that won’t be domesticated? Lion is “good”: why?  Lion is also “bad” in terms of preying on domesticated animals yet associated with courage  And even mild Jesus (Aslan) Devil Wolves in Christian Medieval Period  Wolves as devil incarnate  Skinned act
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