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NATS 1840- Science.Tech&Enviro. LECTURE NOTES

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1840
Carl Wolfe

NATS 1840DEC 1 2009Agenda Climate models Historical climateReadingCh 211Exam info Dec 20 5060 multiple choice questions No penaltyWorth the same Covers everything from beginning and more emphasis on second half after midterm stuff Is the Composition of the Atmosphere changing Accurate measurements of CO2 concentrations require an isolated location to avoid local anomalies Atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at Manua Loa Hawaii A 20 increase since 1960 is confirmed by other stations Seasonal cycle reflects the northern growing season Atmospheric methane has also increasedLittle evidence of any increase in water vapour Changes in greenhouse gas concentrations may be of manmade anthropogenic origin Conversion of forests to crop fields Wood and fossil fuel burning Increased biological decomposer activity Antarctic ice core measurements suggest CO2 concentrations up by as much as 40 since 1750
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