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Natural Science
NATS 1840
Carol Bigwood

Science, Technology and the Environment (SC NATS 1840A) – Thursday, October 18, 2012 Read: Chapter 3.4, 3.7 Biogeochemical Cycles Part 2 – Energy Work: Work is done wen matter moves (or changes its state of motion) as a result of the application of a force upon it Energy: The ability of a system to move matter through some distance. Example: The ability to do mechanical work. Power: Rate at which energy is consumed or received or delivered POWER = ENERGY/TIME Forms of Energy: Some are closely associated with tangible physical objects, such as atoms. Other forms, such as the energy carried by light, are less tangible. We will be mainly concerned with  Kinetic Energy  Potential and Internal Energy  Thermal Energy  Electromagnetic Energy Kinetic Energy: Associated with motion. A moving object has the ability to do work (example: in a collision). Intuitively, a faster object can do more work than a slow-moving object, and a more massive object can do more work than a light object  Kinetic energy increases with speed and mass. Kinetic Energy: Increases with object’s mass, Increases with object’s speed. Potential Energy: Represents the ability to do work stored in a physical system that isn’t in motion  Height above ground (gravity)  Bending/stretching of a solid object (elasticity)  Electric charge difference between objects (electricity)  Binding of two or more atoms (chemical energy) Often the result of mechanical work done against a force at some prior time. Potential Energy: Gravitational (height): Increases with mass, Increases with height Elastic Bending: Object stiffness amount of bending Thermal Energy (heat): Kinetic energy associated with rando
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