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Natural Science
NATS 1840
Carol Bigwood

Science, Technology and the Environment (SC NATS 1840A) - Tuesday October 30 , 2012h Readings: Ch. 4.7, Activity 4 Biogeochemical Cycles Part IV – Matter Cycles Generic Matter Cycle: Picture Shown Carbon Cycle: Carbon is backbone of all life on Earth. Organic molecules provide structure, food, etc. for living things Found in the  Biosphere (in living organisms)  Lithosphere (in sedimentary rocks)  Hydrosphere (dissolved CO2 gas in oceans and lakes)  Atmosphere (CO2 Gas) Continuously exchanged between all compartments. CO2 gas is only 0.03% of the atmosphere, but the exchange between air and the biosphere is at the root of the carbon cycle. Hydrologic Cycle: Water cycle driven by solar energy, causing evaporation of surface water. Water vapour carries this energy in thermal form.  Vaporization of 1kg of water requires 2260 KJ  Energy released to air upon condensation Flowing water shapes of the Earth over long time scales. Flowing water also transports vital biological nutrients. Other Cycles
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