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NATS 1860
Keith Schneider

NATS 1860 Note 16 Grading15 Final Exam o 1015 essay questions will be distributed two weeks before the exam April 4It will consists of four questions randomly chose from those providedThese will be written without notes or resources5 each for two labs o There will be twothree labs o One lab neuroimaging 130 or 230pm March 7 142128 o Two lab consciousness 130pm March 714 o Three lab memorycognitionlanguage 130 pm March 2128 o You have to sign up on Moodle in advance Review of BrainIt weighs about 3lbs100 billion neurons 100010000 synapses each 100 trillion synapses100 trillion glial cellsThe brain is a competitional denies Humans have roughly 100 Terabytes of memory power in terms of computational power v memory capacityMoores law o Gordon Moore described that every two years the number of capacitors on a microchip is doubling o Every two years our computer is becoming twice as more powerful o Made in 1970its a logarithmic scaleo By the year 2020 a computer will have the power of a human brain and in 2040 a computer will have the power of all human brains combined Cerebral Cortex this is the memorypattern recognition compressiondecompression o Its 145mm thick o Surface area of 2500 cm2Equivalent to circle with diameter or 22inTherefore it fits when crumpled into the skull o There is the thalamus in the center of the brainthis station gates the flow of information back and forth with the brain Brain ImagingThe different method of imaging brain is how fast in time it can sample information at the brain o Can it look at neurons firing or temporal lesionsThis is the time resolution
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