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York University
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NATS 1860
Keith Schneider

NATS 1860 Consciousness Lab Assignment Name: Karina Belvedere Student Number: 209852682 1. What does it mean to be consciousness? Consciousness is the awareness of environmental & congnitive events such as the sights and sounds of the world as well as of one’s memories, thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. 2. What sorts of things could be conscious (i.e., animals, other people, thermostats, etc)? Why do you think so? Animals, humans and certain machines that have an artificial intelligence or consciousness. In general, animals and humans are aware of what goes on around them or inside of themselves. Although animals and humans portray their intelligence and conciousness in a different manner, they both show consciousness in their diverse ways given that they both are gifted with brain function. Computers, however; are given and portray a simulated type of consciousness but cannot have the sensations or feelings due to their limited intelligence. 3. Do you think free will exists? Justify your answer. Free will
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