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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 What is a spectrum? What are 3 dimensions of color? Why are there no unique primary sets? Issac Newton 1642 - 1727 Newton’s Experiment The Electromagnetic Spectrum Introduction To Spectrum

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Natural Science
NATS 1870
Robin Kingsburgh

SC NATS 1870 lecture Monday September 21 2009What is a spectrumA range of colorsPutting light thru prismWhat are 3 dimensions of colorHueValueSaturationWhy are there no unique primary setsDifferent ways of mixing color using different primary setsIssac Newton 16421727Starting point for color changed ancient view of color its art of lightAge 22 founder of monarch physics invented calculus 3 laws of motionSent home bc of plague from school had time to develop His experimentum crusis Latin for crucial experiment fundamentally changed worldly view of colorAncient Greek viewHuman by Aristotle light was the activate of color color was an intrinsic property of an objectMedievallight is a vehicle for coloroAn object gives color to lighta prism stains lightNewtonlight identified with color itselfocolor is inherent in lightlight is the cause of color in all its manifestationexperiments w lightprismsosunlight thru thin slip hits certain angle of prism triangular invented reflecting telescope lensesrainbowslight into prism from dotcircle to elongated shape 5 colors asked to draw lines to differentiate color but he wanted 7 colors universe shold be harmonized used tonal variations of scaleR O Y G B I VNewtonnoticedwrote that white light is mixture of colors seen in rainbownd2 experimenttried to change color of lights discovered on red filter hole in screen or used slide to isolate light broken down to red it cant be broken out anymoreleader at that time of these studies Robert Hook thought Newton was wrong which helped build Newton upafter Hook died Newton published works in 1704Newtons Experiment colors are spreadeach color is bentred bends the leastviolet bends the mostboththrough prism physically
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