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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1880
Paul Delaney

Distance is important UNIT= AU astronomical units More massive the star the hotter it is; the hotter you are the more energy you put out The blue star represents habitable zone. Habitable zone is much closer. Habitable zone on distance, type of star, . Fainter star has naroow habitable zone as opposed to brighter star. -A lot more faint stars than bright stars. -Venus is not in habitable zone, (No tectonic activity, no plates are moving, ) -NO tectonic activity ; without it there is no carbon cycle; no carbon cycle you cannot control the temperatures. -Venus has no water in it, NO TECTONIC ACTIVITY -Habitable planet must be larger than mars. -Refer to graph with the number of stars and star brightness. - Very few bright stars; many stars are fainter than the sun . The graph shows that. -Habitable zone boundaries can change with time, -3 bodies on the right Earth is ha
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