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24th Jan,2012 NATS 1880.docx

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1880
Paul Delaney

Clicker Questions What is true of a star? It does not always have planets. Stars are much heavier than the Sun end life as a (Neutron or Black hole) A black hole of the Sun’s mass would have a radius of (3km) th 24 Jan, 2012 How is it possible to create a stable nucleaus by all these protons when they repel? Because there are four forces in nature. One imp force is very small 10^-15. Strong nuclear force is responsible for the stablility of the nuclei -When you heat atoms up, they move faster. -Fusion is joining to two lighter elements to heavy elements. -Fission is taking up a heavy nuclear and breaking it up.( but can’t go heavier than IRON otherwise the sign changes to negative (-)) -You weigh differently on mountains -Difference in mass is called mass defect -Darkest lines was A -Second strongest lines B -Lightest line was O A0- A10 B0-B10 Our sun is a G star, (G2 star)
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