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Lecture 3

NURS 3514 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Panic Disorder, Dementia, Dementia With Lewy Bodies

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NURS 3514
Dora Antwi

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H&H- Class 3 09/24/2014
Bipolar disorder/ manic depression
Mania Signs/Symptoms
- Euphoria
- Outgoing
- Manipulative
- Abusive to others
- No need for sleep
- Pressure of speech
- Delusions of grandeur
- Hyperactivity
- Gaudy dress and makeup
- Psychotic symptoms
- Increased sexual drive
- Substance abuse
- Denial that anything is wrong
- Provocative/ aggressive behavior
Diagnostic Clues
- First symptoms can be developed in childhood
- Symptoms often interpreted as “just a wild guy/gal”
- Bipolar is a chronic disorder requiring management throughout life
- Mood stabilizers: lithium (requires blood work)
- Antipsychotics
- Antianxiety
- Antidepressant
- Psychoeducation
- Psychotherapy
- An emotion with no specific etiology
- Is not specifically fear (fear has a specific identifiable source)
- Assessment of client is way to differentiate
- 5% of ontarioans have agoraphobia (fear of public places)
- Mostly women, age 15-24
- Highest hospitalization for anxiety is elderly
Mild Anxiety
Moderate Anxiety
Severe Anxiety
Disorders in children and adolescents
- Can be caused by several medical conditions and medications
- Is a diagnosis of exclusion (like ALS)
- About 10% of elderly experience anxiety
-> Most commonly phobias, GAD, social anxiety disorder
- Symptoms include primary concern about a physical complaint
- Is a heightened anxiety level over an extended period of time
- Excessive anxiety and worry most days, for >6 mths
Panic Disorder
- Discrete period of fear or discomfort that develops abruptly and peaks within 10 mins
- S&S: sweating, malaise, LOC, choking feeling, heart palpitations, N/V, numbness, chills/ hot flashes
- Repeated obsession that’s compulsive and time consuming, cause significant distress
- Only 1-2% of population
- Distressing intrusive thoughts, images or impulses; requires consistently
- S&S: Hoarding, rechecking things, excessive hand washing, reciting phases