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Chapter 2, 3, and 4 lecture notes, and textbook notes

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York University
NURS 3514
Mina Singh

Development of Self as a Nurse 3514 Notes Chapter 2 Designing OrganizationsOrganization is a collection of people working together under a defined structure to achieve predetermined outcomes using financial human and material resources Organizational TheoriesClassical Theory focus almost on the structure of the formal organization efficiency through design It is built around 4 elements 1 Division and Specialization of Labor dividing the work reduced theof tasks that each employee must carry out thereby increasing efficieny and improving the organizations product 2 Chain of Command it is the hierarchy of authority and responsibility within the organization y Line authority the linear hierarchy through which activity is directed y Staff authority an advisory relationship recommendations and advice are offered but responsibilities for the work is assigned to othersthe arrangement of the work group3 Organizational structure4 Span of Control addresses the pragmatic concern of how many employees a manager can effectively supervisey Divisionalized form characterized by a number of independent divisions that are joined by a mutual administration ie multiorganizational health system y Adhocracy represents a fluid structure in which management staff and experts work together on teams Power coordination and control are constantly shifting Humanistic Theory major assumption is that people desire social relationships respond to group pressures and search for personal fulfillment Individuals cannot be coerced or bribed to do things they considers unreasonable formal authority does not work without willing participants Systems Theory is can be closed or open Closed are self contained and usually can be found only the physical sciences Open interacts both internally and with its environment like a living organism There is a recurrent cycle of input ie employees patients materials throughput work is transformedoutput product Contingency Theory performance can be enhanced by matching an organizations structure to its environment ie people objects and ideas outside the organization that influence the organizationChaos Theory challenges us to look at organizations and the nature of relationships and proposed that natures work does not follow a straight lineComplexity Theory explains why health care organizations struggle with patient safetyTraditional Organization Structures Functional Structure employees are grouped in departments by speciality with similar tasks being performed by the same group similar groups operating out of the same department and similar departments reporting to the same manager All nursing tasks fall under nursing service Many weaknesses y Coordination across functions is poor y Decision making responsibilities can pile up at the top and overload senior managers y Responses to external environment that require coordination across functions are slow Service line Structure aka product line or service integrated structures all functions needed to produce a product or service are grouped together in self contains units Integreated structure is decentralized units
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