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Chapter 5, 6 and 7 for leadership textbook, and lecture

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NURS 3514
Mina Singh

Chapter 5 Interactive Processes of LeadershipCommunication Processcontinuous process the message idea or the thought to be communicated to the individual or a group IdeationEncoding the manner the message is conveyed Verbal written messages visual or spoken cue nonverbal behaviour Transmission is the conveyance of the message Intact sensesappropriate ability are requiredmessage ReceivingDecoding the mental mechanisms used to receive the message and interpret the message Response aka feedback tell the leader if the individual or group understood the messageProfessional Communication 4 Levels1 Communication which is unconsciousincompetent Individuals at this level do not think they need help or seek assistance 2 Consciousincompetent communication speakers may recognize that there is a better way but still may not be ready to incorporate changes in their communication patterns 3 Consciouscompetent communication 4 The ideal communication pattern which is unconsciouscompetent10 Basics for Good CommunicationClarify your ideas before communication to othersKeep in mind the objectives you wish to reachProvide an opportunity for questionsanswersTell ThemHave them Tell YouHave Them write it downSchedule followup meetings or reports Consider the physical settingPhysical environment should support the opportunity to have a meaningful 2way conversationEnsuring a quit private comfortable settingConsider the psychological environment aka communication or social climateSocial climate general socio emotional feeling that is produced bwthe leaderthe group as a result of the emphasis placed on productivityhuman concernsThe leader listens is empathetic offers acceptance exhibits a shared problem solving attitude is open and values equality in the workplace Consult with others when necessary to be sure your information is accurateIs misinformation is given the leader should acknowledge the errorcorrect the situation ASAP Be mindful of the tone as well as the words of the messageThe tone of your voice or a written memo should support your message Take the opportunity to convey something of help value or praise to the receiverPeople need to know that their contributions are usefulrespected Follow up your communication
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