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Week 9 research notes.docx

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NURS 3515
Malini Persaud

Week 9 research notes - Categories: Nominal (simplest form) and Ordinal - Continuous: Interval and Ratio (most complex and allows you to do the most) - Nominal: classifies objects or events into categories and no ranking, mutually exclusive - Dichotomous variable: it’s a true or false question or gender such as male or female. Only two true answers but categorical when it comes to martial status for example so divorced, separated etc. - Ordinal: emiquartile range tells you the range and its good if you wanna look at outliers. Know NOIR, its on text also data analysis staats and different kinds are on the TEST Know how to interpret standard deviation cause its on the TEST but when you have a p value its interpretated differently - Descriptive stats are quantative. Very basic and used in exploratory or descriptive research design - frequency distribution: common way to organize data. - - don’t focus much on semiquartile range inferential stats: based on P value. Purposes: estimate the parameters of the population and
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