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Lecture 1

NURS 3524 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Medical Home, Aureus

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NURS 3524
Mavoy Bertram

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Family Centred Care
NURS 3524 – Health & Healing – September 11, 2014
Mavoy Bertram RN, BScN, MN
Examine some theoretical underpinnings of nursing practice
Define family centred care (FCC)
Examine various elements of FCC
Discuss barriers to implementation of FCC
Examine potential solutions to identified barriers
Case study discussions
Family Centred Care
It is philosophy of care that places the needs of the child in the context of their family, culture
and community
It is rooted in the beliefs that the child’s emotional, developmental needs, and overall well-being
of the family are best met when the family is involved in the plan of care
An individualized and dynamic model of care is devised in collaboration with the child and
(Franck and Callery, 2004)
Family Centred Care
Until the late 1950s:
Parental hospital visits were severely restricted
Children’s needs for education, play and child-friendly environments were largely ignored
There was little recognition that children experienced separation anxiety when hospitalized
In 1961, the Platt Report led to the development of the National Association for the Welfare of
Children in Hospital (NAWCH)
* “Children should never feel isolated or threatened”
* “Children and parents should be involved in decisions about their treatment”
* “Children should never be put on an adult ward in hospital, but should have their own child-
friendly environment in which parents are allowed to stay”
Over the years, family centred care has evolved to be what it is today
(Shuttleworth, 2003)
Medical rounds with the family
The entire family with the physician
Theoretical Underpinnings of Nursing Practice
Several theorists, including Watson, Parse, Rogers, Roy & among other have provided a
philosophical outlook for nursing practice
Common themes that have emerged over the decades:
Nursing is both an art and a science
There is a science of caring
Phenomenology and value of the lived experience
Enabling and empowerment of patients & families
Importance of self-reflective nursing practice
Elements of Family Centred Care
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