1. Define colonialism, when it started (18th century), why? Countries were in a
race to become the most powerful strongest richest country in the world.
How was this done? (Slavery, Natural resources and reconstruction) also
countries at first believed the indigenous people living there were barbaric
(disorganized) civilizations that needed enlightenment on how to live.
How did this reshape different spaces across the globe this reshaped the
globe (Slavery (mixed cultures; music, lifestyles)
Slavery: diverse cultures music
Experiences (Caribbean, Africa, India, Asia)
2. Intro- discuss countries current situation (maintaining superiority for their
own benefit), go over three main points on why countries conflict over
exploiting natural resources
a. WATER: middle east/Africa’s current drought situation (Euphrates,
Jordan and Nile river conflicts, over building dams and altering plant
b. OIL: Iraq war, Gulf war, Iraqi invasion of Kuwait (highly profitable
natural resource, which reduces dependence on other countries)
c. Gold; Was highly profitable and in demand when first discovered
(South American civilizations) lead to conflict due to the greed of the
In conclusion countries will always conflict over resources which have
grown limited, due to their greed to remain powerful or the frantic
nature on trying to stay alive.
3. Intro- Eurocentrism refers to Europe as the center of the world, and acts in a
way as a role model for what other countries should be working towards a
(Democracy freedom, civilized, healthy, wealthy, and urbanized. European
had used this term to distinct themselves from other countries outside their
boundaries, which were once considered barbaric, disorganized and uncivil
a. Main three points; Europe as the center of the world, historically; due
to various superiorities, Europe’s classification of these groups over
time and Europe today as a diverse cultural and religious region
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