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York University
Operations Management and Information System
OMIS 2010
Joan Judge

th1Define colonialism when it started 18 century why Countries were in a race to become the most powerful strongest richest country in the world How was this done Slavery Natural resources and reconstruction also countries at first believed the indigenous people living there were barbaric disorganized civilizations that needed enlightenment on how to live How did this reshape different spaces across the globe this reshaped the globe Slavery mixed cultures music lifestyles Slavery diverse cultures music Experiences Caribbean Africa India Asia2Intro discuss countries current situation maintaining superiority for their own benefit go over three main points on why countries conflict over exploiting natural resourcesaWATER middle eastAfricas current drought situation Euphrates Jordan and Nile river conflicts over building dams and altering plant growthbOIL Iraq war Gulf war Iraqi invasion of Kuwait highly profitable natural re
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