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Lecture 2

Week 2- Jan. 16.docx

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Organization Studies
ORGS 1000
Greg Milavsky

Week 2: January 16, 2013 Articles: U.S. employee receives reprimand for flatulence issues Unwanted advance no reason to stall career: judges­dinner­invitation­to­colleague­no­ reason­to­stall­doctors­career­judges/ ­ Allegation of sexual harassment  ­ Some companies make men and women keep the door open Kevin O’Leary offers ex-cons a chance at Redemption­oleary­offers­ex­cons­a­chance­at­ redemption/article4085245/­reality­show­cons­gives­266348 ­ E.g. Schulich Successful Application of Organizational Behavior: Starbucks­application­organizational­behavior­2435551.html? cat=3 Unmotivated Employees- is it your fault or theirs?­employees­is­it­your­fault­or­theirs/ ­ For the most part, it’s the employer’s fault if employee loses motivation o Equity o Achievement  o Camaraderie  Bullying is a Buzz kill for Colleagues, Too­is­a­buzzkill­for­colleagues­too/  ­ Makes intuitive sense o Thematic way of thinking of something ­ Sometimes there are counterintuitive  Flawed remuneration: Large bonuses can be counter-productive­remuneration­large­ bonuses­dont­get­the­job­done/ ­ Rats and electrical shocks ­ Application of large bonuses Readings Sanity Inc.  ­ Warren buffet­ key senior management are there because they want to achieve  more (already rich) ­ They save money on retraining  ­ Employees are loyal, happy productive well­rounded ­ Different kind of motivation ­ Affective commitment ­ Economically is a sound strategy­ happy workers, don’t need to deal with  retraining costs o Happy workers= more productive o Save money with turnover ­ Level of accountability  o What you were doing was trying to make something  People put effort and feel responsible  People put their name behind it ­ Japanese airlines­ those who take first flight after­ the mechanical engineers are  on first plane ride after  ­ Matched the salaries­ but they also had the benefits ­ Normative­ they ought to be there ­ Some people might not like this  ­ Like Google culture ­ This might depend on creativity ­ People who don’t work well in this environment­ wouldn’t want to do work ­ Our generation is kind of developing the culture of being more relaxed ­ As long as you ge
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