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Organization Studies
ORGS 2010
Eleanor Westney

Week 3 The Organization as a Political System The political lenses sees the organization as an arena for competition and conflict among individuals groups and other organizations whose interests and goals differ and even clash dramatically Political systems are built from positions and strength OR interests and powerInteresto Refers to what people wanto Includes individual and collective interesto Collective interestthose shared by others who belong to the same group or categoryo Individual interests become stronger when they are identified with collective interestso Demographic groups positions in the divisions of labour locationprofessions are basis for sharing collective interests that can affect certain kinds of organizational actiono Common approach to understanding interest is the stakeholder perspectiveo Recognize the interestso Analyze what those interests are and what priority that have for key individual and collective actors o Interests for individuals and collective levels are dynamic they change in content and in relative importance over time as context changesPowero Potential ability to influence behaviour to change the course of events to overcome resistance and to get people to do things that would not otherwise do o Three variants of power Influence authority and coercion o Authority refers to power that is define
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