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PHIL 1000
Brian Huss

philosophy of mind the questions: what is the mind? what are its characteristics? how does the mind work? what kinds of minds are there? can we know about other minds? do you have a soul? The Mind-Body Problem and The Inconsistent Tetrad consider these four claims: (1) The body is a physical thing. (2) The mind is a non-physical thing. (3) Mind and body interact. (4) Physical things cannot interact with non-physical things. in considering each of these claims individually, many people seem to think that each is true. but they can’t all be true. they’re inconsistent with each other. this is the problem. the various positions on the mind-body problem can be identified by which claim they reject. the dualist denies (4). the physicalist denies (2). the idealist denies (1). Ryle Against Descartes a category mistake – committed when one thinks that something has or lacks properties that cannot possibly apply to it. examples: the foreigner at Oxford looking for the university, looking for Mr. Average Taxpayer, saying that the number 3 is blue, that a premise is valid, that a chai
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