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PHIL 1000
Brian Huss

philosophy of mind - continued The Problem of Consciousness – Qualia qualia – the what-it-is-like feelings associated with consciousness. qualia are the reason that many people are uncomfortable with physicalism. it just doesn’t seem like the redness of red, for example, can be accounted for by purely physical processes. Jackson’s Knowledge Argument – The Case of Mary (1) If physicalism is true, then all facts are physical facts. (2) Some facts about the mind are not physical facts. (3) Physicalism is false. (2) Mary knows all the physical facts about her own mind. (3) Mary does not know all the facts about her own mind. (3) Some facts about the mind are not physical facts. 3 TYPES OF DUALISM.. Jackson wants to prove that experience isn’t only physical… he has epiphenomenalistic view… it’s a form of dualism, but instead of saying that mind can affect body and vice verse, your body can affect mind but your mind cant affect body Then there is property dualism… not 2 substances in universe but instead certain objects in world have 2 kinds of properties (physical or non-physical/purely mental) Substance dualism believes that there is a mind and there is a body… When Mary sees the red after never having seen true colour, she learns something new. But this disproves physicalism because it follows that not all facts are physical. However, you can also deny 2 premise of 2 argument because that just assumes that she is surprised when she sees it. That then no longer disproves physicalism. 1. Some facts can only be known via experience 2. If physicalism is true then all facts can be kn
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