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Beryl Logan's Commentary on Berkeley's Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philinous

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PHIL 1000
Beryl Logan

20111107check out the adjustment bureaublade runner was all about free will and what goes on behind the scenes This adjustment bureau that directs the fate of human beings The minority report was reasonably close to the short story We left off pg 3233where Philonous shown Hylas that primary qualities are minddependent as wellwe realize that what they were talking about actually wasnt the primary quality that Locke was talking about but just the observable qualities that correspond to those primary qualitiesPhilonous brings Hylas to the same contradiction at the top of page 29Philonousp32the sensible extension is that an object is for example 4 by 5 metres but the absolute is thatas Locke says primary qualities inhere are inside in the actually objects itself but the relations between extended beings are secondary qualities and they belong to the perceiver or are perceiver dependent I see this table as one dimension and someone else in another way That is clearly perceiver dependent Observing something in motion Einstein said that different objects will appear to moving differently from our frame of reference That is abstracted from the absolute extension The swift and slow that we observe are per
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