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PHIL 1000
Terry Conlin

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Phil 1000Karl MarxMarksproduct salary workers factory workers contrast traditional craftsmansalary workers product are not their ownina worker becomes a cheaper a commodity more the worker works the more alienated he become and his inner life becomes poorerfactory owners get riches but workers are led to povertynot the main this isact of production ties to having a meaningful life meaning of life is having a creative working life and this cannot exist if you are alienated you dont own your woprk and the process doesnt do you any good salary work is not interestingworker is at home when he is not working and when hes working hes not at homekind of forced labour only do it for moneytherefore not the satisfaction of the need but onlyy a means for satisfying needs external to itin non alienated conditions work would have intrinsic valueworkers are alienated in industrial societyalienated worker feels free doing things that are animalisticeating drinking procreating sleepingthe things that is distinctivly human is tied to0 meaning of human lifealienation cant be fixed by increasing w
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