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Introduction To Mill's Utilitarianism

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PHIL 1000
Beryl Logan

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20120111Intro to Philosophy IIStarting of UtilitarianismOne more important distinction between Mill and Kant must be discussedBoth use rules for moral assessment which are independent of any subjects reactionFor both of them one should be a separate moral assessor when dealing with moral situationsBut the fundamental difference is the basis in which the assessment is madeFor Mill the basis is the consequences of an action which is called Utilconsequentialism and is a contextual theoryFor Kant his moral theory is nonconsequential and its non contextual we are not assessing the action but rather the agent For Mill the actions are evaluated and the agent becomes moral by extensionFor Kant the agent is evaluated and the consequences are irrelevantChapter IIp7Utilitarian principle actions are rightwrong as they tend to promote happinessharmreduce harmactionsthe basis of utilitarianism is the action The intention of the agent is incidental and the hisher moral virtue is determined on the basis of the actions that the agent enact Based on the actions that we initiate if they follow the principle then will we say that theyre a moral agent The actions are evaluated but the evaluation of the agent is secondary it follows from the evaluations of the action Kant is the opposite When we go through our process of evaluation we
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